Chloe Diary entry, day two: Getting to know you…

I am writing this in maths class.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about me and the whole embarrassing episode. Apparently a student called Richard was found trying to commit suicide due to bullying after school. Anyone who had any information was asked to come forward and now they speak in hushed tones. During breaktime earlier today they stopped speaking when I walked into the toilets. I am not vain enough to think they where talking about me but for a moment I had a flashback and I hoped someone would spill about something. It’s only my second day and I already know who will be making my life hell.
Yesterday everything was such a mess I forgot to start writing about the first day of school. The English and Social teachers want us all to keep a day journal for the next year. Apparently the idea is that we will collect them in fifteen years and whatever else they were saying. At that point in the day my stomach cramps were unbearable and I didn’t feel too well.
I received this pretty mauve coloured notebook that I will carry with me where ever I go.
Just got home to mom and dad having another meltdown at one another about money. Bills have to be paid but with dad being unable to face going back to work, things are tight. Why mother has to be such a bitch about it I will never understand. It’s not like dad isn’t trying. On the upside if dad hadn’t been home yesterday she would have had to come and get me from school and she wouldn’t have thought of bringing me fresh clothes like dad did. He was even brave enough to go to the shop and buy every kind of pad and tampon on the market because he figured I might like to experiment and find what brand and type I like best and he even bought me a cuddly warm water bottle, fuzzy socks and a double layered box of chocolates. It was marked with a sticky note that read survival pack. I love my dad so much!
I tried messaging the girls back home but I guess school is keeping them as busy as my new school is keeping me.
Mother tried to be comforting when she got home last night but she was anything but comforting. She was constantly on her cellphone that will not stop buzzing. She’s a digital marketer. Whatever! Jack was centre of attention as he always is but I didnt mind so much last night. Poor kid has been having a rough time of it too. He just has to suck it up like the rest of us. Thank God we could at least afford a three bed house. It’s a total down size from our last house but I’m okay with that. At least I still have my own room. It just meant I had to downsize my overflowing closet . Not the worst thing in the world. I found lots of clothes I wouldn’t be seen dead in anyway and really cute tops that I had forgotten I even had and a pair of denims with the tags still attached that I had somehow forgotten about aswell.
Everything has changed and I think it’s going to take some getting use to. I have to do chores now before I start this mountain of homework. I hope everything settles soon. When Marys’ parents fought all the time like mine are they split up. I think Jack will hate it more than me. More than that I don’t want to to have to live with mother if they do split but I’ve watched enough tellie to know that the kids always go to the mom and dad just seems to make life more bearable because mother hates me.

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