Diary entry one: I am Chloe

I planned to start the year off on a positive note. It didn’t go according to plan at all!

 Trying to accept what is and be an adult about it is absolutely rubbish. Mother says I’ll get over everything eventually and that I’m young and I will make new friends… but she doesn’t know that for sure. It’s weird being the new girl everywhere. It’s hard being stared at like some freak. Mother of course, will just go back to work and shake hands swishing about in a cloud of her expensive perfume and everyone will adore her and ‘friend’ her and ask for her twitter handle. Follow her on Pinterest and Instagram but everyone stares at me like I’m an alien of some sort. They virtually treat me like a high school lepar. The entire assembly literally came to a standstill and pointed their stubby little fingers at me and the stupid boys stared and nodded like we share this telepathy. The girls already hate me. And just like always, mother just says, “It’s going to get better. It happens to everyone at least once.” Yadda, yadda! I want to scream but I know it’s not polite and I want to believe that she does care but I am starting to suspect that she doesn’t give a flying crap about the shit I am facing. She just doesn’t understand how it’s the worst thing that happend to me today… the worst thing that could have happend on the first day of  a new term at a new school in front of boys no less! God why?! I can only thank God for Dad. He’s the only one who seems to understand me anymore. Today of all days I had to start my period for the very first time. Mother says it’s normal like I don’t know that it is. She says it means I am a woman now. That’s obvious! She doesn’t get that when it happens to you in the middle of the day with the whole class gawking… Uh! I cringe when I just replay it in my mind.

Thank God it didn’t happen in front of George. I might have died right there!!!

Instead infront of complete strangers, I screamed. I threw up. I cried like a child. My life is over!!.

2 thoughts on “Diary entry one: I am Chloe

    1. Hi Meagan! Thank you for reading and getting involved in the community. So nice to see you here and I hope to continue to inspire you. Please don’t stop commenting and spreading the word on your social media platforms! xoxo


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