Week two Chloe: Birthday for mom


Happy birthday mom!

Jack and I ordered mother a large bunch of flowers and a gorgeous red dress with dads’ PayPal account. Jack was being a baby about it. Too afraid that we would get into trouble but if I know anything about men, it’s that they are properly selfish and whatever about everything except themselves. So I did it anyway!

What was the worst that could happen?

I had to convince Jack that mom deserved a spoil on her birthday since dad left her here to take care of our lives. He’s basically expecting everything to still be standing when he one day decides to return! I am so angry! Seething! Shaking with fury! But I don’t want to be a kid from a divorced home so I’m going to bail dad out this one time because he is nice to me. And for Jack. Mostly for Jack.

A few weeks ago I couldn’t deal with mom but she’s been so sweet to me since dad left that I am beginning to wonder if he wasn’t the problem.

So mother received her gifts and we tried getting up earlier for chocolate chip pancakes for a birthday breakfast. Unfortunately mom said she’d forgotten about her birthday and would much rather take us out tonight. So breakfast didn’t happen.
She wore the red dress and tried to cover up the fact that she has lost a bunch of weight. I don’t think she sleeps well either.

Aunty Jane came around before we left for the restaurant with a big bunch of balloons and a gorgeous macaroon honey frost cake from Billyboo’s in Observatory! Delicious! And a beautiful crystal and glass bracelet which engulfed moms entire wrist. I don’t think I saw mom smile all day until aunty Jane came around. I am so grateful mom has a friend that has been with her through everything.

I wonder if I will ever find a friend who loves me that much. Not husbands or children or career changes or even changes of address has come between them.

Dad didn’t call. I knew he would forget. I checked her phone. I can’t believe it…

But school it was okay today. I had a laugh with two girls from my social studies class. Priya and Grace. They seem nice. Grace is larger than life and Priya is what gran would call bookish. I like that. I’m not sure what is happening back home but I don’t think my friends care about me anymore. I accept it and will try to move on and find my Jane.

Who knows … I may even be a Jane!

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