Diary entry nine : Week two Chloe

I just heard. The governing body has issued letters requesting a vote on whether or not to remove the Arts programme from the school. It’s an expense not all the kids are interested in and since it’s not a quantifiable part of the curriculum it’s the first thing to go. Apparently the school had a pool and a swim team and that was cut five years ago and the pool was filled up.

I don’t know what to do. At my old school we would have started a campaign and rallied against this. At my old school playing an instrument was encouraged and it would have been the last thing they’d cut. Mom couldn’t afford private tuition. Grandma might help but if mom said no before I had a chance to convince grandma then my career is over before it’s even begun.

Then Gabriel rushes over to ask if I’d heard and tells me that the rumour is more than just a rumour because he saw the actual letter that is going out to parents as soon as next week! Gabriel asked what I was thinking and when nothing came out he walked off in what I suppose was a huff but I wasn’t trying to be rude. I was trying to think. How can I make all this crazy stop? I just need one thing to go right. At this point I tried to call Gabriel back when suddenly I was yanked back by my hair. Sara was not happy to see me. I tried to be polite,smile and offer her a breath mint. When she’s right up in your face like that the least she can do is use a tick tack because her breathe is a vile mix of stale cigarette smoke and tuna fish. I think she might be a closet lesbian. I’ve got nothing against girls who go fishing but don’t put your mouth so close to my face!

Obviously it was all about Gabriel. I should have been quaking in my proverbial boots or whatever but I wasn’t bothered. I just kept thinking that one – I needed to pray that the arts were not taken off the school curriculum for at least another three years or two – dad needs to get his job back and move our lives back to what is normal in school and home and everything! But the third thing that came to mind was – I might need to find a job because grandma is about to go on a cruise ship with her buddies. She bought time share on the QE2 and will now be sailing the world for however long. Maybe if we sold our home and moved to her house we could use the money to pay for private tuition!

‘Stay the hell away from Gabriel.’ Sara sneered.

‘I’m not interested in Gabriel honestly, I couldn’t care less.’

‘If that is the case why are you always hanging around him like some groupie?’

‘Hanging around him?’ That’s what it looked like? Like I was hanging around Gabriel? Wow! ‘No Sara, I am definitely not hanging around Gabriel. He can’t seem to keep away from me so you’re probably doing it wrong.’ I rolled my eyes at her drama. I guess whatever I said worked because it took her a moment to pull it together before she said:

‘If I see you around Gabriel again and I don’t care how it happens, I will break those piano playing fingers so you will never play anything ever again!’

I wanted to ask if she was threatening me when I saw the guidance teacher pop up around the corner and with just one look I knew she had heard the little threat and that little miss mob wife was going to get what was coming to her.

What I didn’t know was that I would need to testify to what she said in front of my mother and her parents and the principle and student body and God and everyone! Why can it not just be easy? And obviously mom has been glued to her laptop and cellphone and although I want to tell her – I think it’s best I leave it up to the guidance teacher. I don’t think I could deal with that intense amount of drama either.

I just feel like crying actually. These big fat blobs rolling down my face is giving me a headache and at this moment I wish dad could just come walking through the door and then this could all be explained in a calm and adult fashion. And he would sort it all out. I have to speak to Gabriel as soon as. I need to know what those letters entail. I need a way out of this mess. I don’t know how much more I can take.



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