My tenth entry: My life as Chloe

It was amazing! Grandma was absolutely awesome. She made it abundantly clear that she was not happy with the school even considering removing the Arts program and asked them to reconsider. I was totally impressed with how cool, calm and collected she was about everything. It was beautiful!!

Then she took me for a manicure because that’s her thing. She is always handing me lotions and cuticle oils. She’s just very grand like that. Apparently grandfather had been the original metro man. He was very particular about keeping his hands looking beautiful. I’m not like that. I try but it’s not on the top of my list of things to do. Not when I have had to deal with the insane curriculum workload and piano lessons and my now non existent social life. I miss my friends so much. It’s weird. I thought I meant more to them but I guess I was wrong.

Getting home after practise I found a large box on the kitchen table with my name on it. Mom was working on the phone and laptop and Jack was playing video games. No one could answer me where it came from. There was no note on the card. Just my name beautifully written. I think it’s from dad. I sent him an email with regards to the Arts program and I was hoping he would contact the school on my behalf but when mom said there was nothing she could do and that she couldn’t afford to pay for private tuition I was desperate to talk to him. Unfortunately he wasn’t available on his cellphone or Skype so I had no other choice but to write him a long detailed email. I apologised for my childish behaviour and asked that he please call Jack and I as soon as. It’s been five days and Jack hasn’t stopped asking when dad will be giving us a call. Poor kid.

Something else happened today. Sara and Gabriel had a massive row in the school car park. Apparently his mother had chucked her out of their home over the weekend when she arrived uninvited which is a no no at the Rockerfellars’. I don’t know why though but I was told to Google his family. I think he might actually be from a well to do family. So weird. He doesn’t act like someone from a Google worthy background. So I’ll see what that is all about later. For now I am munching my way through this massive box of lavender and vanilla macrons from dad. So delicious! He knows exactly what I like and if this is dad’s peace offering I am very ready to keep waving my white flag.

I think I’m going to need to shop for clothing over the weekend. I’m not sure what’s happening but everything I wear is getting too tight. It’s weird because I weigh exactly the same. I tried to tell mom about the little shopping trip but she’s been on the phone to aunty Jane when she’s not on the phone to clients at work. Jack is looking a little lost so I hope mom can spend just a little time with us. I’ve got to go make us something to eat because I know she’s totally not going to have time. It’s the third time this week!

Can’t wait to get through my homework so that I can settle down and read up on the Rockerfellars!!






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