Chloe: It was bad…

Just when I was beginning to like Gabriel. Make a human connection at school. Who ever did this … I was so happy to hear dad’s voice. I needed to hear his voice. It had been so long. Apparently mother dearest who wouldn’t listen to me! called and said that I had been in a fight at school. That is not true. I was attacked! It was a disgustingly sly, sneaky dirty attack! Who ever did it didn’t even give me an opportunity to defend myself. Isn’t that the very definition of what a fight is supposed to be? What a cowardly thing to do! I told dad everything and asked him to please come home but then he went silent and told me that I needed to explain what happened to mother just like I explained it to him. Except I would if she would give me the opportunity to get one word out. Even she manages to do that… I doubt she’ll believe me.

It’s was humiliating waking up with my vision blurred. Scared that whomever had attacked me had stuck around to finish the job. Alas it were just students and teachers surrounding me. I tried searching the crowd for Gabriel but nothing. I’m still not sure it was because he didn’t know or didn’t want to get involved but he wasn’t so far away that he wouldn’t know who did this to me. I remember someone saying my name but it’s all fuzzy. I don’t know whether or not it was ‘Sara. I’m not even making mention of her until I have definitive proof that she was involved.

I was taken to the school nurse. The school councillor was called in and of course my mother. I tried explaining that I knew nothing but they didn’t believe me and I’ve been given a two day caution. It suits me though. My eye is all purple and oozy looking and no amount of make up I apply is going to hide this just yet. Obviously the two day caution has mother walking around the house mumbling all day and shaking her head whenever she sees me as if I did something wrong. I’ve been hooked up with a bag of frozen peas and alternating it with the ice bag. It’s a painful nightmare.                                       Weirdly enough, I received another box of macaroons. It’s my only salvation. It was delivered while mom wasn’t here so I’m not sharing this box with anyone. I’ve been curled up on my bed with the box and my book.

I need to talk to Gabriel. He needs to tell me who did this. He has to know. He just does. I should probably find a safe place to hide this journal. Since mother knows of it’s existence I’m just worried she’ll come looking for it to find out who I was ‘fighting’. Also I wouldn’t want her to start making mention of Gabriel or find out that I’m not exactly her biggest fan at the moment. I just want her to stop focusing her energy on me so much and focus it on dad and get him back home before we end up killing one another. So I guess when I go back to school day after tomorrow I’ll be the freakin’ centre of everyone’s attention again… not my idea of fun. I am starting to realise that I should stay away from Gabriel. This could get so much worse. I tried to find out what influence the Rockerfellars had on the vote with regards to our Arts program but Grace hadn’t a clue.



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