Diary Novel Chloe: Another week


Found the diary after hiding it from mother and then not remembering where I hid it. Has that ever happened to anyone else I wonder? So I tweeted to Loreal South Africa, Essence South Africa and I think it was Revlon asking for advice to cover up my black eye. I bought the Garnier BB cream which was fine to lighten it but not hide it because it’s not what the product was designed to do. The shitty part is only Essence got back to me with a concealer I could use. I popped into Clicks on my way home from school and it’s like a magic eraser pen. I brush a little green shadow on it and then dab on the concealer and pen and hey presto! It does not help with the tenderness but it’s not as bad as it was last week. It was really bad.

Gabriel has conveniently taken ill and so at the request of Mr Fitzgibbons I have take over as his understudy. It’s obviously only until the rat comes back but it’s amazing. I imagine sitting down and having an entire orchestra there to support my music just like what is happening now. Gabriel – I will never admit this to his stupid face – has written the most beautiful peace of music I have heard in a long time. It’s easy I guess when you have a grand piano right in your living room and the grand master himself telling you where you could improve and how. I wish my grandfather was still alive. He would have helped me improve at a much quicker pace and grandfather would never have allowed mother to sell my baby grand piano. I know that it was best that we sell it because there was to be no space in this house but I just wish with all my heart that we didn’t have to move. I so wish Claude hadn’t died. I just wish dad could have gone on working for the German government. All of this wishing isn’t going to get me anywhere. I need to focus on nailing this piece of music as best I can. I wish I had the ability to commit it to memory but I find that I lose my place right after page three. I’m just glad Gabriel isn’t there to see me ruin his perfected piece of music. I cringe a little because in two years it will be me in that chair because I will be the senior pianist in the school and it is going to be amazing.

I still haven’t been able to go shopping for clothes. Mother has either been too busy or too pissed off at me. She still doesn’t believe me about me not knowing who did it but I am so over what she believes and what she doesn’t believe. I don’t have to convince her if she doesn’t want to believe me her only daughter.

Anyhoo. I have homework galore and I have to go and spend some time with Jack. Hopefully I can convince mother for cash as I was thinking of asking Grace to join me at the mall after school. Only if she wants though. I’m  not into forcing anyone.


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