Diary Novel Chloe: New friends

Went to the mall with Priya and Grace. It was my first social day out with girls my own age. I like them both. They are such a laugh. We did a bit of shopping and had a look around lingerie departments. It was so embarrassing.

Both girls gave me some money for a pair of denims and a few t-shirts and a hoodie. That should hold me for now until I can get mother to give me money to go shopping for real. Priya says I looked a little rounder than when I started school and Grace says I am definitely wider but the scales aren’t saying any different. I still weigh fifty kilograms. How am I suddenly getting fat?

Then Grace goes and mentions that I would probably want to consider wearing a bra sooner rather than later.  I wouldn’t want my boobs to be on my knees by thirty. So we went to the bra sections in Woolworths, Foschini and Stuttafords, and I’m honestly overwhelmed by the choice of labels and the frills and shapes. I wish mom would make time to come with me. At this point I might just grab a colourful Sloggi bra and get on with it. Apparently underwire bra’s are painful and I’m not even sure what foam cups are but there you have it. I’m probably just going to grab an A cup and see how that goes. I don’t think I want anything lacy. It looks too … too much.

Like something Sara would wear.

Priya just wears white and beige cotton bra’s. She’s not allowed to show off her body. That’s a no. Grace wears Wonderbra. The more she flaunts the better. I’ve seen the ads for those bra’s in my mom’s magazines. I definitely don’t have enough to fill one of those. I think I’m just going to keep wearing my almost too tight tank tops until I can get mom to buy me a bra. Priya says her mother just brought them home for her one day but Grace says her mother made a day of it. She got fitted by a consultant and went home with a few sets. Sets? I didn’t want to ask and look like  a complete moron. I’d ask mother but like I’ve said. She is always busy. Work is taking over her life and Jack and I are falling to the bottom of her agenda more and more. Maybe Grace could ask her mom to help me too.



2 thoughts on “Diary Novel Chloe: New friends

  1. Agreed! I didn’t get to go the shops with my mom for bra’s either she just brought them home from work for me because she worked in the factory where they made them. I had a lot of beautiful bra’s but I still thought it would be nice to go and shop for one like my friends’ were doing at the time. What was your personal experience?


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