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I’ve had to take time off work. Last week I had barely seen the children and hadn’t even spoken to Daniel much either. I hadn’t even realised just how busy I am of late until I gave Chloe a proper look over in the car on her way to school and realised that I did not recognise the clothing she was wearing. She hasn’t been speaking to me much but then after dropping Jack off and realising that he wasn’t speaking to me either I thought about when the last time was I actually had a proper conversation with my children and then I realised I couldn’t remember the last time we had a meal together. Again! I’ve been neglecting my children without realising it. So I checked the refrigerator when I got home and nothing. There was nothing for my children to eat so I drove back up to Jacks’ pre-school and went in to talk to him. The teacher was having difficulty with handing over my son! Christ! I was terribly rude which isn’t how I work but at this point, I was guilt ridden and needed to speak to the easier offspring. Apparently Chloe has had friends babysit Jack while she is at piano practice for the exam and the concert. They’ve been eating pizza and pies and popcorn for the last five days. Where was I? What have I been eating?

That’s when I realise that the cookie jar of money has been used up probably for food and then the pizza and milk. I am sure I’ve had coffee the past week but I’ve literally not been paying any attention to what the kids are eating. I decided to discuss it with the teacher and we came to the agreement that he won’t come into school for the rest of the week. So I’m using the rest of the day today to put in a few days of leave from work and buy groceries in the house and maybe I can catch Chloe before she leaves school or goes to practice or whatever because I don’t know my own daughters schedule.

I had a good cry about it earlier but I need to pull my shit together and start finding some semblance of balance. I need to be with my children as well as provide for them and myself. How do other working mother’s manage to do this?? I think it’s time I got in some help just until Daniel comes home. I tried calling him just now but his phone  went straight to voicemail. I’ve left a message. He needs to call me back because we need to talk. I want our marriage to survive this separation and I realised that after neglecting my children that I am also neglecting my husband and my marriage. I can’t help wondering if I haven’t been enough of a support to him during this time in his life.

We just need to talk things through.

Time to collect Jack and try and intercept Chloe.


4 thoughts on “Elle: @home

  1. Hey Cindy!
    Browsed over everything and I’m absolutely loving the themes and the novel pieces. Haven’t read them all yet but I admire how you’ve captured the essence of what it is like for mothers of today and how your characters are so clearly portrayed and how relateable they are.
    Will definitely make time to read through every bit. Awesome job!
    Maybe you should publish your work and other talents as a book. That would be great. You could be the next Stephanie Meyer or J.K. Rowling of your genre which you’d write!
    I love that you’ve started with the blog. An inspiration and motivation for me as well. The pictures accompanied with the entries adds a trendy and crisp touch. Great work♡


    1. Hi Jules! It’s just so amazing that you feel that way. I’m so happy you can connect with the character! She’s just a normal girl trying really hard to fit in. Don’t forget to share this with your circle of girlfriends and help me to get the word out there!! I would love to make this a global movement in the future! x

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  2. Hi again Meagan!! I think Elle might begin to feel like she was a better mom when she was at home with the children than now that she is having to work and be mother. Let’s see how she figures it all out.


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