Chloe: Catching up

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a moment to write and I only managed scratches. My bedside table drawers are filled with little notes. So here goes.

March 1 – My mother suddenly takes an interest. How convenient! Has her work project come to an end that her children are now visible? Jack and I are living off the fumes of the money in the cookie jar. Should probably fake gratitude.

March 1 – What a day! Mom rocks up at school just before I am rushing  off to practice. I’d been freaking out about Jack not being at the pickup point for no reason because my insufferable mother went off script and took Jack home to do what! And then tells me she wants to talk. Too little too late I say.

March 3 – I found out that those macaroons were actually from the most random person on the planet. Rockerfellar! I was so shocked I forgot to speak. Mom has been home with Jack. She’s been trying to be all motherly but I’m not buying it. She’s going to get involved in yet another project at work and not look up until Jack burns down the house or something. Dad’s been M.I.A again.



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