Chloe: Grown up and talking boys

I fell asleep last night while trying to update this diary for our 2036 time capsule. At least I think it’s something like that.

Where was I? I don’t know what page this is but I am still reeling about Gabriel Rockerfellar sending me macaroons. He overheard me telling Priya that I loved them. Well that’s what he says… I still don’t know what his agenda is. All I know is that I don’t want to die at the hands of his kray-kray girlfriend.

March 4 – Mom has been working from home. Jack is happier. Dad has been calling every second day. He is went to that come back concert of the band in Paris. The same concert Claude died at. Said he found closure. Not enough to come back home though.

March 7 – I called my cousin. She’s celebrating her birthday today. She’s off partying it up with friends in Portugal. I wish I had her life. She’s a private designer for a portugese soap opera. I want her life.

Off to a leadership camp. So wish Priya was going. Grace knows everything about everything and that can be a little intimidating. Especially when I’m on my own.

March 10 – Got home to a brand new bedroom. My mom is amazing. I absolutely love my new space. It’s very chic and sophisticated. I can’t wait to invite Grace and Priya over to see this! It’s so perfect. It went down nicely after the amazing few days away I’ve had. Got paired with Rocky (that’s what I call Gabe when I don’t just call him Gabriel) on a nature walk and he grabbed my hand when I slipped on the rocks and didn’t let go until long after we had enjoyed s’mores around the camp fire. Who is this boy?? 🙂

Mom took me shopping. Like really shopping and it was cool. She’d made an effort to buy a few things but it wasn’t to my taste and instead of freaking out like she usually does she was cool with taking things back and allowing me to choose items for myself. Jack came along although he got bored of the whole shopping trip real fast and that’s when I wasn’t in the mood anymore either.

Anyway mom did allow me to do alot of shopping and I felt much better when I got on the bus with the rest of the group. Wish mom was like this all the time.




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