Chloe: Updates on stuff and Daddy

March 12 – I am drowning in this exams. I feel like I’ve been transported to another planet. I have absolutely no idea what I’m reading anymore. I am really trying hard to study but nothing feels like it’s sticking in my brain. What am I going to do? I can’t fail this exam. My parents will kill me.

March 13 – That was the worst paper I’ve ever written. I had to guess most of the answers. I sat in front of that paper and I completely blanked. I just know I’ve screwed this up. I don’t know what to tell my parents. Mom and dad keep asking how I think it’s going and I tell them I think it’s fine but I know I am failing. I just know it.

March 14 – Gabriel has been really cool. He and I are Skyping on a regular basis. He is trying to help me out. He is super shy but when he gets started on this whole tutor thing he gets super focused and I find it so hot. Sara has been staring me down again. Strangely she keeps her distance. Rocky and I don’t speak at school but it’s the concerto tomorrow night. I am freaking out but Rocky says he just wants me to take a hot shower, drink a cup of camomile tea and not stress. He is so sweet and caring!

March 15 – I can’t believe how amazing it was! I spent the afternoon throwing up. I told Grace to tell Rocky that I wasn’t going to be able to make it but then he came into the girls toilets and kissed me on the head and told me I could do anything and that he had total faith in me. I think he must have healing powers because then it wasn’t so bad after that. He even gave me a bunch of roses after the recital which was so romantic. I didn’t drop a single note. Obviously Grace had to ruin it by telling me it wasn’t from him it was from the school for the solo but I still like to think of it was Gabriel giving me a bunch of flowers for the first time because I really think he likes me too.

March 16 – Haven’t heard from Rocky. We finished out exams and now we are awaiting the results which our parents go and collect from school themselves. It’s weird. He hasn’t responded to any of my texts or emails and he isnt’ on Skype either. I hope everything is okay. Dad is in Belguim with a few work collegues. He told mom that it’s nothing hectic but I can see that it has mom on edge.

March 18 – Mom was right to freak out. When I spoke to dad a few days ago he was telling me how he had found God in his life and that he needed to be a better father to me and Jack and that he realised that he hasn’t been doing his job as the head of our home. Weird right? And then he says he has to go on pilgrimage so he can’t come home yet. Such a load of rubbish. Until this evening when there is breaking news that they actually found the guy who concocted the whole thing up in Paris and of course he says he knows nothing but the bare minimum.

The thing is … Dad is is Belguim and I’m starting to wonder if this is coincidence or whether something is afoot with dad because mom looks shattered.


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