Grace: Girl stuff

Author: Dawn Ngwenya

I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to go sale-shopping withthe girls. I mean Priya generally knows what she wants, and I know she’ll get the same old boring underwear, but Chloe…OMG! I didn’t realise how boring she is, like she didn’t know anything about anything, I thought I was going to lose my mind with her. Okay maybe I’m being a bit mean, but how do you not wear a bra at her age? Doesn’t her mom tell her they’ll start drooping? And she’s kind of not watching her weight. She’ll have to start if she wants that Gabriel guy to pay her any attention.

Anyway, I’m really excited about the new lacy sets I got this time. Mom says I’m too young to wear ‘lace-only’ so I made sure to get some bright coloured girly ones as well. It helps being a big busted girl because my ‘oversized’ sizes are still available and not snapped up during end of season sales.
The Woolworths change room ladies were probably the most helpful of all to Chloe with the bra measurements; they did such a good job of explaining how to determine cup size, and why wearing the right bra size is important. Although I was a little embarrassed the day Mom took me to get my first bra, I’m so glad she was there to explain her family history of aunts with back problems due to big breasts. Bet they didn’t have Wonderbra back then, ha ha ha! Thank goodness she didn’t make me wear that cross-your-heart stuff that some of the older girls at school wear.
So I got home and Joy had some big news. I thought she’s going to tell me that the cute guy in her grade finally spoke to her, but instead, she told me she started her period. Big deal. I guess it’s a big deal for her. So Mom and our aunts are obviously going to throw her a “Period Party” like they did for me two years ago. So boring, and I know they expect me to attend. Everyone came dressed in red, there was red food, cake, drinks, and all the gifts they brought me were either red, or started with a P for period. No boys were allowed, so dad had to organise a guys’ outing with all the uncles and boy-cousins. I know it’s supposed to be a good thing, and Aunt Mary says it’s empowering for girls. I just wished it would end. I think Mom knows I lied when I said my friends couldn’t make it. I didn’t even ask them, just now they think our family is weird or something.
Mom’s home, let me go show her my new stuff. I should ask her if I can invite Chloe over for a weekend. I think we can glam her up a little.


3 thoughts on “Grace: Girl stuff

    1. Hi Telavukosi,

      Thank you so much for your comment. We are so proud that you love this debut piece. Please keep sharing and talking to us. We can use all the motherly wisdom and teenage insights we can find and we hope we can help you along the way too! x (Admin)


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