Chloe: Back to School

I can’t face going back to school. I absolutely hate it there. I  should just quit and go study because these people are a bunch of children. Stupid Gabriel Rockerfellar. Urg!

On the weekend mom had me invite the girls. Grace just agreed without question but Priya wasn’t sure. She had to ask her parents. Nothing weird there because I have to ask my parents aswell. Priya’s father called back and wanted to speak to my mom. From what I can tell it was an interrogation which ended in a firm ‘No.’ So Priya couldn’t sleep over but her dad did allow her to join us on Saturday when mom took us to have our nails done and then for High Tea at the Mount Nelson with aunty Jane, mom’s bestie.

Priya wasn’t embarrased about her father but Grace wouldn’t stop saying how overprotected and babied Priya is which made Priya grow more and more quiet as the day wore on. I was so happy to drop them off by the end of Saturday.

Sunday. Would you believe me if I told you that I woke up on Sunday morning to dad’s face? He was just lounging in my bedroom door watching me sleep. I don’t remember the last time I felt such relief. It was so stupid but the moment I saw him I started crying. I don’t even know why I did but I threw my arms around dad and sobbed like his little girl.

I love my dad.

So on Sunday and Monday we all just spent time in doors while it did some raining outside. We watched movies and mom and dad cooked together and it was just like it use to be before. I think we’ll be okay. Mom and dad were laughing and talking after we went to bed on Monday night and I felt these butterflies in my stomach and I slept very well.

Unfortunately Tuesday school started. Dad took Jack and I to school and I have to say I was feeling pretty happy. I was looking forward to seeing Grace and Priya and of course Gabriel. That was until I walked into the hallway and he had his tongue down Sara’s throat again.

I thought he liked me. How stupid am I? It feels like I’ve been punched in the stomach. I can’t believe he did this to me. I’m hurt.


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