Chloe: One, two, three. Fight!

Gabriel broke his hand on Pete’s face. On. His. Face.

To make it worse I was the one who was ushered off to the principal’s office as a witness. I don’t want to be involved but I am. Why did I have to walk out of class at this time? I am so worried that this is going to cause even more trouble for me as it is. I came to this school hoping for complete anonymity and at this point, I’ve been headlined more times than I ever wanted to be.

Dad wants to know who Gabriel is and what he is to me ect, ect. As if I will ever make that mistake ever again. I liked him but I hate him now. He is a horrible violent brute. You can’t just go around the school beating people up. It makes me wonder if he hadn’t been the one who punched me in the eye. Infact! The principal tried to hint but I told him that I didn’t see who punched me and I was almost sure that it wasn’t Gabriel Rockerfellar because he was walking away before I got punched. At least that’s what I think is what happened.

Grace has called wanting me to tell the story over and over again. She was still in class when it happened. I wish I was still in class. Stupid Gabriel.

Now he has to wait for 8 weeks before he can try and play and everyone knows once you break your hand it is never ever the same again. Such an idiot. I heard his father tell him that he could kiss his future good bye. I had a moment of feeling sorry for him but then I remembered what a hooligan he is and then that feeling just went away.



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