Chloe: Parents

What you didn’t know!

School is complicated enough without being interrogated on a daily basis.

What parents don’t know is, that high school is a very complicated business. That it isn’t as cut and dried as you decide it is. Just like you have issues with your work colleagues I have issues with the other students. Jealousy and plain good old crazy fills my days as much as it does yours.

I am exhausted every single day when I get home. Do not ask me the very condescending question of, “Why are you tired?”And “You’re more tired than I am” or “you were just in school for a few hours.” Just? Just! I am exhausted! It is tough to do what I do, at the age that I am doing it at. So please give me a break! Your life isn’t half as confusing as mine. You have a job and a relationship and friends and money and your unshakable faith in God. I’m still figuring all my shit out thank you very much!

This school thing is stressful. I have to perform at the top level all the time otherwise you beat me down. You make me feel like I have to get top marks or my future will be ruined but you didn’t exactly do well and you turned out just fine. I don’t get at you when you don’t clean your room do I? You get all in a huff if I don’t keep all these things in exactly the way you want me to. Give me a break already. The world will not end because my washing is laying on the floor of my bedroom instead of being in the wardrobe. I don’t need to do what you want me to do all the time I am under enough pressure as it is.

If you want my room to be spotless do it yourself or better yet hire back the help we had before. I don’t see the point to all this moaning and groaning at me before school every single day. It’s tiring and unfair!

You wouldn’t survive one day in the life of me so don’t tell me I have it easy or that I have absolutely no worries because I do and just because you don’t know what they are, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Not everything is your business! I don’t feel like telling you anything about my personal life because you are so judgmental all the time and I don’t need judgment. I need understanding and a little help. ONLY when I ask for it. Not all the time either! That’s why I go to school. I go to school for criticism and drama and I don’t need any more from you.

I am so close to hating you right now. Just absolutely hating you and wishing I was emancipated!


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