Chloe and her sweet 16th

I have to start making more time for myself. I am so busy that I barely have time to sleep. It’s almost tomorrow and I just have time to write about what ‘s on my mind.

I had such a wonderful birthday. It was amazing. I woke up to this beautiful bunch of pale pink roses on my desk with a huge bottle of Chloe perfume and a little card written to me by mom. I loved it. It made me teared up because I felt so special. I felt really special. Mom was so kind. It just felt like the perfect start to my day. Then dad made me breakfast and gave me a promise ring! It has a real gem stone. He said I should put it away until we could spend some time alone together. I felt so grown up and important. I felt like that all day!

School was great! Everyone wished me happy birthday. Grace had put a bunch of helium balloons inside my locker and I really wasn’t expecting that! Priya gave me a birthday card and mug set with a Tatty Ted bear and everyone else just kept wishing me as I walked from class to class. I guess it helped that I had invited people to the party and more were probably hoping to get in. I could only invite 50 students as the private function room at HEMISPHERE of all the party venues was where my parents chose to surprise me! Every one of us got these luminous glow in the dark wristbands with my name on it as ID tags and the DJ at the club was just killing it! For once I really felt like one of the popular girls and I didn’t have to worry about Sara crashing the party or anything.

I remember having to go to the bathroom to wash my face a few times that evening it was so hot! Now in retrospect I realise I was running a fever and should have told my parents.

People were putting my birthday pics and loads of selfies on their Instagram accounts #ChloeVolenhvnsweet16 #ChloeVolenhvnHemisphere and my phone just wouldn’t stop vibrating all night. It was crazy! It was such a fun night! The best! I wish I could relive it. Mom and aunt Jane did the decor in Black and Pink and had balloons and bubbles everywhere and then of course was that absolutely amazing view across Cape Town city center. I was so happy. Then I noticed as I was chatting to Grace and Priya, just after blowing out my birthday candles, that people were talking and looking in the direction of the door and there he was. Gabriel Rockerfellar. He was so late that I didn’t think he would actually show up but it was perfect. I remember my stomach doing this funny somersault and just thinking that I was the luckiest girl in the whole entire world! Gabriel gave me the best gift of all. A beautiful rope necklace with a tiny gold heart attached to it. It’s so dainty. It just looks like a secret. He helped me put it on and then we talked for a bit. Dad came over of course to introduce himself and show Gabriel to the buffet and drinks table but eventually he went away.

I guess we were just standing there looking out at the city lights and making small talk about music when he looked at me and I looked at him and I knew that this was it. He was actually going to kiss me! I so wanted him to kiss me and just as he leaned in, before his lips touched mine he gave me this worried look asked if I was feeling okay and I passed out.

AND that was how my perfect birthday ended!


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