Chloe: The weekend

I woke up on Friday morning feeling giddy as a school girl. Get it? As a school girl.

Nevermind! I am absolutely acing my musical theory and my piano skills have overshot even my own expectations. Last year, this time, I was only able to play basic primary level piano pieces and this year under the guidance of my very cute tutor, I am actually busy writing my own piece of music! My own piece of music! It’s not ready obviously, but when I play, a light goes on in his eyes that make my fingers go completely automatic. I just want to make him happy. I’ve never felt like this about a boy before. When he walks into the room he gives me butterflies. My cheeks hurt because I can’t stop smiling. I don’t even feel like eating. We talk on the phone and Skype and email when we are not at school and suddenly I just want to spend every moment with him. Grace and Priya say I’m acting like I’m a crazy desperate little girl without a life of my own. Apparently everything I talk about has some version of Gabriel in it. I think they must be jealous that the hottest boy in school is paying me the attention. Whatever! I’m just happy all the time.

Mom says I am happy all the time now too. So it must be true. Boyfriends make you happy.

The school day couldn’t end fast enough because Gabriel had asked me on our first official date on Friday night which mom and dad agreed to. Dad of course, insisted that he would take me to the V&A and collected me again. No funny business. Whatever that means! I’m just so excited by all of this. It feels so unreal.

My first date was everything I dreamed it would be. I just wore a jeans and t-shirt with my coat. I had a hair cut after practise. I think his eyes slightly popped out of his head when he saw me and asked : ‘Who is this vision before my eyes?We went to watch the Avenger movie and then went by McD’s for milkshakes and burgers before we walked along the jetty and enjoyed the cool night air before eventually getting the call from my dad that he had arrived to pick me up.

Gabriel is smart and that has me thinking… what am I planning to do with the rest of my life. If I start early then I have a better chance of being more. I just need to figure out what that will be.

Anyway, Saturday was interesting because we had such an insane and very intense practise. It is extreme the lengths some teachers go to but I just have to roll with it. I am exhausted beyond measure and surprised,  that Grace loved the hair cut and said I should keep it this short. I think I will. I also realised, that I couldn’t cut Grace and Priya off. They aren’t jealous. That is insane. At the end of the school year, Gabriel will be gone and I will have my friends left. So now I have to think about myself even though I am very, insanely smitten with Gabriel Rockerfellar.


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