Chloe: Date Nights

So I’m still awake.I’ve been trying to get to sleep but tonight was just so amazing. Dad knows how to set the bar high. Future dates don’t really stand a chance.

My week has been pretty intense. Exams are stressing me out. Sometimes I walk out of the exam hall thinking I just failed the rest of my life in there. Other times I really feel like I could probably score a pretty high average. I know from past report cards that when I feel like I wrote poorly I’m over reacting but not enough to be proud of whatever the symbol for that particular subject is. I just want to do well so that I have the chance to get into a good university. I’m currently very unsure about what I’d like to study. For years now I’ve dreamed of the performing arts. Playing the piano for a leading orchestra  – like the New York philharmonic or something like that but I’m starting to feel like I need to do something that is more substantial. Being completely honest, I don’t love the piano as much as grandad. I’m not crazy passionate about it. I don’t want to play it for the rest of my life. I’m sure my life would still be meaningful without it, especially since I haven’t died without having the grand piano at this house.

I don’t know but it really feels like turning sixteen has given me a clearer perspective on life.

This afternoon when I got home from school there was a suit bag hanging on the front  my closet. A brand new pair of plain black, flat pumps on the floor together with a gift bag. The gift bag contained a pair of stud diamante earrings and a diamante hair comb with a note.

Dearest Chloe,

Will you go out on a date with your old dad tonight?

Your mom chose this beautiful outfit and I can’t wait to see you in it tonight!

I hope you’ll say yes. Totally nervous about your answer though.

Love you lots hun!

Your dad x

PS see you at 18.30 we have a reservation for 19.00

I call mom and ask her what’s going on and she says she is on her way home and that I should take a shower and wash my hair. I open up the bag and see the loveliest dress that I’ve ever seen. It’s tailor made. It’s blue. And just like that I am excited too so I message my dad and say I accept his invitation at that I would be ready at 18.30.

I run to the bathroom and get that shower and I hear mom calling me. When I’m done she is in my room with the hair dryer and brush. It’s weird but she’s going to blow out my hair and style it with the ghd. Mom is giddy and chatty and I don’t really know what to expect.

When dad pulls up he doesn’t walk in he rings the door bell and I rush over to open it up and I see my dad with a huge smile. He hands me a bunch of pale pink roses and he says I look a vision in blue so then mom takes the flowers from me dad gives me his arm and opens the car door for me. I start to feel like this is a little silly but I let him because he looks so happy. Dad takes me to Signal resturant at the Cape Grace. It’s so lush. Real napkins and candle lights on the table with mini bouquets. This experience I’m hooked into his arm. He pulls out my chair for me and he is just the perfect gentleman. I can order whatever I like and then at the end of the evening dad gives me a blue velvet ring box and it has a ring inside with a real tanzanite stone set. It’s a promise ring and I love it!

So right now I’m so awake staring at my beautiful ring that I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. I can’t wait to call Grace in the morning and tell her all about my evening with dad and maybe I’ll share with her the things he said to me which makes me think that I really need to think about my future and the woman I want to be.

It was a great night.


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