Chloe: Another week

I can’t begin to describe how sick I feel. I’ve finished my exams. Finally, finished my exams. My friends and I are at odds and to make it worse I think Gabriel is going to break up with me. I don’t know what to do.

Mom and dad took my phone and laptop so that I would focus on my final week in the exam and I needed to focus. I really did. I was the one who asked them to take it. I thought Gabriel would understand that. Seniors started the exams a week before we did and so they were done a week before us. So he was bored and I was busy. WITH MY EXAMS!!

Mom and Jack were there after school to take Grace, Priya and myself for a milkshake and burgers but they just dismissed it. The way they looked at me when they turned away gave me the feeling that they are crazy mad at me. I don’t really know what happened. What happened to my life this week? Doesn’t anyone get it? I had lunch with mom and Jack and I think I might have just burst into tears. Mom thinks it’s all the stress of the exams being released but I feel like while I was working at getting the best mid – year results I could, my friends and boyfriend … I don’t even know what they decided. I messaged Gabriel before I went offline. I said that I needed the week and that I would be back just as soon as the exams came to an end. 🙂 ❤ :-* (smiley face) (heart) (kiss)

We came home and made a spicy lentil soup with warm baked bread and then dad arrived home with a giant chocolate and fudge cake and two new novels from exclusive books for me with the coolest little book marker with little dangly feet on them. I laughed and I immediately felt better. So we sat around the kitchen table just the four of us while dad had his supper and mom talked about her week for a bit and Jack told us about his art and his friends and the things he built this week and the things he wants to do when he grows up and of course the gifts he wants for his birthday and for Christmas and we laughed. A lot! I loved spending time with my family and I felt like we hadn’t spent the time just being together in a very long time and I needed it. Mom and dad and Jack looked so happy and I enjoyed being with my family because for the longest time we were apart and now we are back together exactly like we should be.

So now it’s Friday night and we just finished the first movie of the night and dad is busy popping popcorn and making caramel and mom is making the best hot chocolate ever and Jack and I are finishing his thousand piece puzzle he had started earlier this week because puzzles are his thing. I know that even if my very first boyfriend ever who I was so into does leave because I was working at my education that he was just a total loser and my friends well… they aren’t the only two girls in the world but I’ll try to mend fences. I’ll try.



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