Chloe: Teen turmoil

It’s been a delicious weekend of inhaling chocolate cake and hot chocolate with cream by the gallon. Mom and I popped off to Virgin Active for a swim today after I joined her in pilates class. Not as easy as it looks. I’ve been rolling my eyes at mom and all those that swear by pilates for no good reason. I apologise and I’m a convert.

Don’t kick it until you’ve tried it right? So I’ve decided to try everything at least once! That’s what I’m going to do from now on.
I told mom I think she and I should swim at least once a week. It would definitely give us something to do together, which we both agree is better suited to our stressful lifestyles even if mom still doesn’t seem to believe that school is half as much stress as what she calls ‘the real world’.

Dad says he is going to try and get me an internship at the embassy. I’m excited but then I think about my friends and Gabriel…

I sent Gabriel a few text messages and he isn’t replying. I eventually felt really desperate and tried calling his phone but it went straight to voicemail. I emailed him and sent him a DM on twitter and I haven’t received a response. Trying to keep my mind off of the fact that he may have lost interest so soon after we started dating. I guess it was just one date and many, many calls and texts and stolen smiles at school. I miss him. I feel like I might just die if I don’t hear from him soon. I sound silly even to myself for just thinking that but I can barely breathe through the pain in my chest. I just need to know if he still thinks I’m cool. Where are you, Gabe? Why won’t you answer my text messages????

I told my dad and he said I’d always be cool to him but I don’t care about that. I care about what Gabriel Rockerfellar thinks about me. Dads are supposed to think you’re cool. I’m his kid so it’s kind of expected of him but Gabriel really thought I was cool. Cooler than skanky Sara.

While we were at the swimming pool mom said that it really only matters what I think of myself. That her job was to love me and support me and advise me as best she could but that she wasn’t able to give me self confidence. I was to find that in myself. I want to but I really want to know what Gabriel is thinking. He is so amazing. He knows exactly what he wants and he just goes for it. He is so mature and sure of himself and he liked me! I thought he liked me. I could have spoken to him while I was studying but I was so stupid. Did I really expect him to wait for me? The guy who is in demand who could have any girl he chooses and he chose me?! 😦



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