Chloe: Holidays week 2

I’m sixteen and I feel like I am a old woman with no future. I can see it now. Married with children in a dead end job. This is my second week of internship and the only thing I’ve done for the past six days is fold letters and stuff envelopes. Put on stamps and colour code. My handler is a German woman with absolutely no sense of humour. I’ve also met a rather skinny, busty administrator with long chocolate locks and too tight cotton skirts flitting in and out of dads’ office. I wonder what that’s all about.

I am set up in a conference room with no windows where the aircon is way too cold. Apparently it keeps the brain functioning and awake. It sucks but it’s better than being outside most days. The winter cold is awful.

Although I haven’t heard from Gabriel and it kills me, I have heard from Priya. She said she was only doing what Grace told her to do. Apparently Grace was talking to me about something she though was really important and I wasn’t paying attention. I had my nose in a textbook. (again! I was studying!!!) Does no one understand this?

Dad has planned a lovely get away for all of us as of Sunday so I really can’t wait! I need this stupid internship overwith. I’m not sure what I’m learning except maybe that here is a woman in the office with a huge boner for my father. Maybe I should tell my mom but I don’t want to cause any trouble. This internship isn’t worth the trouble and it’s not taking my mind off Gabriel at all. I just can’t wait to get back to school though. This school break is dragging on forever. If I can just see Gabriel again I could make a case for temporary insanity and he might take me back.

My parents won’t drive me to his house as it’s apparently inappropriate for a girl to go round to a boys house but don’t they see that I am desperate. Then again apprently that is the problem. The deperate part is exactly the problem.

At least I am home now. I can go off and do my own thing for the rest of the evening even though all I want to do is take a hot bath and sleep. My back hurts and I’m not in the mood for lots of talking. Maybe this is how my parents feel when they get home from work. Dad is reasonably quiet in the evening during our drive home so we drive in companionable silence. I don’t think I’ll be assulting him with questions and proposals right when he walks through the door anymore. Maybe a cup of coffee and a biscuit and a little time with mom is what makes him feel better after spending all that time in an uncomfortable chair in a office that has cold air conditioning.

I have a new respect for grown ups. Well … maybe I reserve that insight to only my dad.



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