Chloe diary entry for the win

I have to admit that this week hasn’t turned out well for any of us. Sometimes life can be like that.

I really wasn’t looking forward to yet another week of slaving away but this week had been really interesting and insightful. I met exchange students from Germany who were invited to the embassy for feedback into their stay and experiences. I’m blown away by how different people my age are living in Europe. So mature and interesting. I am very interested in getting in on an exchange student programme, it would look great on my Uni applications. I actually felt dull and boring next to all the almost super model girls in height and looks but dad says that beauty is just an anomaly and not what I should be so desperately focused on.

I thought about it and wrote a list of things that make me interesting.

  1. I play the piano and I’m busy finishing my first composed piece of music. I guess that it wouldn’t be so easy for someone else. But then I realised these people live right there on the doorstep of Vienna and might all be prodigies. Of course, I was wrong about that!
  2. I grow my own herbs. I’m really good at it too!
  3. I download the book list of the year at the beginning of every year and try to get through it before December 31. Some people think I’m crazy but I like it.
  4. I recently took up pilates and swimming once a week. I’m even thinking of rock climbing or joining a hiking club. I won’t tell them it’s just normal indoor rock climbing.
  5. I cook.  (mom says popping ready made pizza in the oven and warming up hotdogs isn’t actually cooking.

I realise that I don’t have too many interesting things about me that people want to know but then the things then I meet a guy named Maximillian and his sister Nora and they were so interested in my life and the things that I do and how I feel about the political situation in the country. Half the time I wasn’t sure I knew the answers to their questions because their English was limited but my German is non-existant. I can say things like Hallo and Auf Weidersein and Nein! Which is what dad says to computer screen a lot! Nein! Nein! Nein! Beyond that, he doesn’t speak German with Jack and I and so we have never learned.

I want to learn now. I want to go and study in Germany and live in Europe and learn all about the German culture. Max and Nora are so interesting! They read a lot. More than I do and more than that they read deep intellectual books. I know, because I asked them to write the titles down of the books they were mentioning and I was a little intimidated.

Mom says it’s good. I should make friends who inspire me to greatness. I have a feeling Maximillian and Nora and I will be very good friends in the future.

Unfortunately of course with all good things – things ended prematurely as I woke up on Thursday with a fever. Jack was just as bad so mom stayed home with us. Aunty Jane came around to do a house call. The joys of having an on call doctor 🙂 So I missed the last two days of internship and started my week away feeling like vomit. Still… I  have two new friends and a little more of a direction to what I want.

Now I need to stop writing. My hand is going lame.



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