Elle: Winter break

This is exactly what my family needed. It’s so peaceful here. I thought I could bring my journal along to use for that mindfulness writing that I’ve been meaning to do and not getting around to. Every month I tell myself that I will start spending some time with myself but by the end of each month nothing has been done.

Jack and Chloe both fell ill just before we left for this trip which made both myself Daniel feel stressed. I thought it might be better for the children to just stay close to home until they were completely over their flu symptoms but Daniel wanted to get away and felt that the children are resilient and would do well to get out of the house. So we set out on the road both in a foul mood. Now that we’ve been here for a few days I realise how silly that disagreement was.

Happy to see Chloe is out and about although she still has a nasty cough. I’m constantly having to get at her to wear a jersey or hoodie. Apparently it doesn’t matter how ill you are as a teenager you have to look good doing it. Who wears a tank top in the dead of winter? And she then says “I’m not cold mom.” I want to say, “You won’t be when you’re dead.” But then I hear that dramatic shrill voice that I’ve developed and it frightens me. I don’t want to be a nag. I think about it and I say to myself that I don’t want my children to one day remember me as the mother who nagged and nagged at them.

I’m on holidays but I have to go and cook. Mother and wife are not always glamour titles. I did appreciate the surprise breakfast in bed I got from husband who was in a good mood.


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