Back to school shocker

Back at school. Hiding out in the library. Writing in this journal. Hiding from my life.

What a week I had last week. I had the flu and mom only allowed me out on Wednesday. I managed to take a walk along the beach with Jack even though the weather was less than great. I guess the best part of our holiday was that I met a boy. Older than I. Much, much older than I. He was also a bit free spirited which made me feel boring and dying to be a bit more adventurous.

My parents think that’s the problem with young girls today. We are too easily swayed by what boys think of us because we don’t think much about ourselves. Parents…

His name is Jonah. I met him when I took a bike ride up to the cafe. I remember feeling really surprised that he was even remotely happy to share a table with a wheezing, red nosed, gangly, awkward looking – I just realised I am not being very kind to myself – teenage girl. I was ill for days before so I am allowed to look ill. Can’t look like a Victorias’ secret model while you have the flu. I’ve seen Candace Swanepoel and she’s a normal girl without the makeup. That was so helpful. Seeing one of the sexiest woman alive be normal. Makes us normal girls feel like we have a shot you know.

Anyway about Jonah. He must be like twenty two or something but he wouldn’t tell me. He said age was in the mind. He was really one of the most interesting people I’d met in a very long time. He asked me what I was doing and when I said I was in high school he was like, ‘No way! You are exuding such a mature aura. I’d never have guessed you are still in formal study.’ I’m not sure why he calls it formal study but then I guess when someone thinks that University is just a legal way of stealing copious amounts of money for nothing in return, since you can’t exactly claim a refund on your money or life, I guess he has a point.

It was after this very conversation that my parents felt that perhaps I was better off trying to get back in touch with Gabriel. I haven’t seen him yet today but I’m not planning to.

There goes the bell.  Will find some time to write a diary entry later.


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