Chloe: Knight for the night

It was the school prom night on Saturday. I was the date of the most beautiful boy in the school. He looked magnificent. My whole body was flooded with butterflies and heat and when he kissed me, I swear he just took my breath away. It was really cool to have the whole room stop and stare when we walked in. Well, that’s how it felt.

Mom and dad weren’t willing to spend money on a dress so I donned the cute silver tulle dress I’d worn for my sweet 16. I think I was the only junior there and for the most part, Gabriel was off being a boy while I danced to the music amongst a sea of bodies and ate off the platters which were carried around by the cool looking waiters. I felt so mature.

The photo opportunity was probably the highlight of the night. It was such a blast and I think at one point I felt really sad because when it’s my prom night he wouldn’t be able to attend. While driving home dad said that by the time I had my prom night Gabriel would probably be in the States living a completely different life and that ruined the whole thing for me.

But as I was saying…

Gabriel came to the house in a rebel blue Maserati with a driver! He held a bouquet of stunning pale pink roses tied with a satin ribbon. I think this counted towards dad and mum relenting and allowing us to drive up to the Shimmy beach venue but they followed us to make sure we actually arrived and then reminded Gabriel that there was to be no funny business and that he was to wait until my dad arrived to pick me up before he went off with friends. After my parents left Gabriel was a bit quiet and then said he wasn’t really the bad guy dad thought him to be. He wouldn’t just leave me at a venue. I am the most stunning girl there and then he said, I wouldn’t want anyone to steal you away.

I realise that this was a contradiction of sorts as he went off more than once to play cards with the boys or whatever. Lily and Taylor told me to just let the boys go off and do their thing while we girls got to just hang. Lily and Taylor are alumni. Head and deputy head of the student body. A-star students in any subject with numbers and best friends. They even have an online store on which they sell their handmade silver jewellery.

Which brings me to my next shocker… Gabriel slipped a little orange box from his pocket and put it in my hand before disappearing into the crowd after we had something to eat and had the welcome speeches. I was more floored than anything and when I opened it up, it was a tiny blue egg  with gold speckles on the finest gold chain I’d ever seen. I stood there shaking and I was so surprised by this thoughtful gesture that I only realised he had come back when I saw his eyes through my teary eyelashes and then he took it and put it round my next and kissed the hollow of my shoulder. Ben and Tyler  who are Lily and Taylors’ boyfriends all cooed and made us laugh. Then he went off and the girls and I danced until my feet hurt and then it was the end of the night and he looked really sorry to see me go. We stood outside with his suit jacket over my shoulders as my dad pulled up and I slipped into the warmth of the car.

Gabriel said thank you to my dad and then we slipt off into the night.


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