Chloe: Email from my dad

Since the beginning of this new school year, I’ve been writing down all the crazy that’s been happening to me. This journal contains some of my deepest thoughts. Tonight, as I sit here writing, I can’t help thinking if someday, when I get this journal back, will I be proud of the woman I’ve become. Will I read these pages with laughter or regret or disappointment? My dad emailed this letter. It was written by a father to his daughter. It’s just as poetic as my own dad’s letter to me earlier this year but maybe, because it’s someone else, I’m finally ready to take myself a little more seriously. Maybe it’s time I thought of myself as a valuable commodity. Not to be given to just any boy who will have me. I’m only sixteen, though. It’s much easier to write it down than it is to actually practice it. So I’ll paste this here to remind myself that dad loves me. He always will because, no matter what, I’m his girl. ❤


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