Day 365: Dear Girl Over There

There weren’t many things I was certain of back then and up until now, I thought that I had everything figured out.

Turns out, I was just lost and I hadn’t found my identity yet.

These past few months has been one helluva rollercoaster ride. And I’m not gonna deny the fact that I made a lot of stupid and infantile mistakes. No! Not mistakes. There were decisions. My decisions.

I know you’re not an actual person, Dear Diary, but it brings me comfort to know that I can pour out my somewhat messed-up yet reparable soul onto these pages with this amazing feather pen my aunt bought me on her trip to Poland. You’d think she’d bring me a snow globe or something but no, she decided to buy a feather pen instead.

It kind of reminds me of who I am- sensitive and free, yet flexible with a tough backbone.

Just so you know, I’m naming you Vodka because that’s where it all started. With one shot of vodka which unfolded into 364 days of utter heartbreak and complete insanity…


(Diary Novel by Julia Smith)


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