Day Three: Special Delivery


Dear Vodka

What can I say? Maybe parents aren’t so bad after all…
I asked my mom if I could get a piercing and, to my surprise, she said yes. She even booked an appointment. What a shocker!

I decided to get a helix and a nostril piercing. I wanted to get a septum but Mom says that we should take it one step at a time. I guess I understood but what’s the big deal though? A nostril piercing and a septum are both nose rings! Oh well…
When Mom dropped me off at home, Gran completely freaked. I just had to laugh. She wanted to know why I had stitches and if I’d been in an accident. I wasn’t offended because Gran seemed genuinely oblivious to the fact that they were actually piercings.

After Gran recovered and Mom left, Thomas called. He said that he was at Mom’s and Dad’s. I completely flipped. How could he not tell me that he was in town!?!!
Turns out Mom forgot to mention it. How could she? Seriously? I was pissed! Thomas is my brother for Pete’s sake! Why wouldn’t she tell me?

Thomas attends some fancy university in England, which he received a bursary from to study industrial engineering. When he left home, so did I. Mom and I just never got along if Thomas or Dad wasn’t around. Dad said she suffered from postnatal depression when she had me. I guess that explains it but still…

It was like a storm in a teacup when Mom came to pick me up again this evening. I kept on yelling but she said nothing. I left it at that. After all, Thomas was home!!!

He’d be staying for the month. I was psyched. He is only three years older than me but he is also my best friend. He’s been my only best friend ever since… I don’t wanna talk about that right now…

Thomas isn’t like me. He’s got that innocent boyish look about him with his curly hair and hazel-green eyes. He’s smart too. Like extremely smart and quiet but not in an isolated way. I’m more of a hippie-goth-feminist-doesn’t-give-a-damn-but-still-a-lady type of chick. Maybe that’s why we click. He gets my messed-up mind.

I can’t wait to go on our adventures. And by adventures, I mean going to McD’s at 2am to get McFlurrys.

I can’t wait to tell him that I decided to study Philosophy and Psychology either. He’s been pressuring me to decide for months because his life is so sorted out and mine’s not.

Mom was actually normal at dinner tonight. Whatever that means…I’ll try not to think about it that much. Maybe work has been too stressful. Who knows?!

Aiden and I are going for coffee tomorrow. So excited! I’m glad to have made another friend. Chloe won’t mind. She’s got her own issues right now. Damn, but that girl is a mess sometimes. Gran says she’s trouble and that I’ll get hurt. But Gran also said that experience is the best teacher.

I guess we’ll wait and see..



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