Chloe: Stranger than fiction

This is quite honestly the weirdest school year I’ve ever lived through. That includes moving from the most prestigious school in Cape Town to one of the top ten. There are things holding me together right now, such as my ability to 

  1. Ignore the hundreds of stupid people at this school
  2. Sit quietly (read hide) in the state of the art school library
  3. Not get hit on by lame boys who only want to date me because of HIM

I didn’t know leftovers was such a prized commodity around here. 

Yesterday, being Monday, I was paired up with some random guy for a science project. He’s so random. Maybe, it’s just nerves when I think about it. Am I that intimidating or something? The parents have started making plans to take us away for the winter holidays. Spain or Portugal. In that region. I haven’t heard from Charlie in a while though. If we went to the same school then I’d feel like less of a social outcast and more me again. But honestly who wants to hang out with those, NO BRAINERS, anyway. I’d rather take a thousand lashings rather than hang out with them. 

I hear them in the toilets. “Oh, Justin Bieber is so hot. He’s like the sun and I’ll be his stars.” And another, “I got my dad to book us a room at the ONE and ONLY hotel so that we could bump into him at breakfast… I didn’t see him but our server said he had totally sat at that exact table just earlier that same morning!” More annoying shrieking. As if! If I was some random famous person I’d be taking breakfast in my room thank you very much! But I digress. A friend of dad’s was driving Justin Bieber about from the very moment he set foot on Cape Town soil. SO … I could have met him if I’d wanted to but I don’t have any interest in someone who is only interested in himself.

That reminds me!

I’ve joined Our Shared Shelf! A feminist book club started by Emma Watson AKA Hermoine Granger herself! That’s what I’d rather go and do with my limited time on earth. I’d much rather become informed and interesting. Rather than hope some bodily fluid, flung off a tattooed lip syncing drivel expert will bind me to him for life. Cringe.

I’m not interested in the two-dimensional human being anymore. 

It must be tiring to try and be so perfect all the time. Last year Sara was the queen bee around school until HE left her and she didn’t come back to school after that. Over the weekend I saw her pushing a state of the art buggy through the shopping mall. She looked pretty haggard. I guess I now know where she disappeared to. It’s not her sibling either because when I asked mum if she knew if her mom had had another baby and mom said they’d both had hysterectomies around the same time. Princess Sara doesn’t have to lift a finger for a living either so she’s definitely not babysitting anyone’s little person. Like I said, she was looking haggard. 

Poor girl. 😉


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