Day Four : Caffeinated Therapy

unnamed (1)_new_newDear Vodka

Today was my coffee ‘date’ with Aiden. 

I called Chloe in the morning to invite her. I thought that she would make up some lame excuse but she seemed more than willing to come. I guess she’s still going through stuff. Stuff she won’t tell me about. I’m not the kind to push matters, especially when it’s none of my business. I just get worried sometimes. I can’t bear to see my friends suffer.

Yes, Chloe’s my friend. It feels amazing to say that!

Anyway, I decided to take a walk down to Chloe’s house. She was already waiting outside on the porch when I arrived. Aiden met us halfway and we made our way to the cute, rustic-looking coffee shop Bean Therapy.

I had an iced coffee, Chloe had hot chocolate and Aiden had an Americano decaf. He suffers from insomnia. I had no idea. I guess there’s always something to learn about a person. People are such mysteries, unceasing to fascinate.

We spoke about a lot of things. Aiden made corny jokes. Chloe told us about her little brother. I spoke about living on this side of the world. It was great. Almost like the therapy sessions I have every Tuesday. But better.

Chloe left early and Aiden and I hung out at his house.

He introduced me to his parents, Mr and Mrs Clark. It’s a pretty cool surname. I like it.

He then took me on a tour of his house. He kept the best for last-the motorbikes! Ahhh!!!

I couldn’t contain my excitement. I’ve always wanted one but Dad says I’ll have to wait until I’m 19. Aiden has a super sexy black Suzuki. I completely freaked when he offered to take me for a ride on it. I couldn’t resist. If Mom knew….

What you don’t know won’t hurt you…

I greedily took in every breath of air as we rode uphill towards the mountain trail. I held onto him as tightly as I could and I could feel the warmth of his leather jacket radiating onto me. I was only wearing a light fleece jacket. Not much help with this wind, even though it was still summer.

We eventually stopped at the bottom of the mountain and sat at one of the picnic spots. There weren’t many people around, only a few couples hiking or jogging up here and there.

We sat there, just talking. I felt our minds connect. He told me about his childhood and all the memories he’d made with friends and family. I realized how important his family is to him. It’s a very endearing trait in a guy. I told him about my plans for university.

And then silence….it wasn’t awkward or anything. Just comforting and peaceful.

As we got up to go, his hand brushed against mine and he stroked my cheek. My heartbeat quickened and my cheeks flushed…. He brushed a strand of hair behind my ear and then nothing!

I thought that he would, you know…. I don’t know, Vodka! I I’m not disappointed exactly, I just really like him I guess but no one can know, not even Chloe. I swore I wouldn’t get into these sort of situations but this is different, Vodka.

Last time, she….nevermind. No one can know about that either. I’m not ready yet. Maybe being with Aiden will make me realize that being with her as a mistake, but even I can’t deny that she was the best thing that happened to me then. But now is not the time for that.

I start school in a week’s time. At least I have Aiden there. I felt a bit disappointed when I realized that Chloe wasn’t at the same school. Anyway… I’m really exhausted.

Before I go to bed, Thomas and I are going to catch up with a movie. I jope that he doesn’t bring up the thing with . He doesn’t know that things haven’t ended yet. No one does….




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