Day Five: Fresh Air


Dear Vodka,

I guess you could say that today was the calm amidst the storm. Everything that’s been happening lately has either been too exciting or too dramatic. What can I say? The life of a teenager is like a movie; sometimes a never-ending horror movie!

Thomas and I took Lava, my cat, for her monthly check-up at the vet. I was glad to hear that Lava was healthy but I had noticed some changes in her behaviour lately. She seems a bit off. The vet recommended getting her a companion but I doubt that would sit well with Mum or Gran. Gran’s terrier already feels threatened by a feline presence in the house. What would two be like? Torture most likely! Either way, I said that I’d think about it. I do love my cat but I also have my limits.

Thomas and I drove to a café downtown after that. We did some catching; laughed a lot. It was just what I needed. I made my way out of the café when I spotted a thrift store, leaving Thomas to chat up some Blondie. Who knew that Thomas was into blondes? Not me! The thrift store was cute and small. I roamed the aisles for what must’ve been an hour before I spotted gold: an embroidered pair of bootleg jeans, a leather biker’s jacket and a long, velvet, jade-coloured wrap-a-round dress! I couldn’t contain my excitement. Who doesn’t love shopping and a bargain all in one place?

Our day ended with a comedy and sour worms and popcorn. I felt at peace for a while. Thomas and I decided to get matching tattoos on Tuesday. It will be our secret. I don’t know what we’ll get but I was thinking along the lines of the word “natsukashii” on our wrists. It is Japanese for ‘nostalgic.’ Thomas and I have always been close, so it seems fitting because we’re on different sides of the world but our memories are what keep us connected. What do you think, Vodka? I think it’s a winner!




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