Day Six: Books and Bands


Dear Vodka

I couldn’t think of anything better than spending a Sunday afternoon reading Sense and Sensibility, with the hum of The Japanese House playing in the background, sipping on a macchiato.

I do love my job, albeit it is a temporary position as an attendant at a bookstore. I started working at Maud’s a month before I moved. It’s only ten minutes away from Gran’s and the pay is good since I’m the only attendant besides Meredith, who works during the week. I only work there on weekends, Sundays mostly.

Most of our regulars were locals. We’d have the odd tourist every now and then but it was quiet most of the time. The best thing about being a bookworm working in a bookstore was that you got to read the books for free and before everyone else. Well, that was against store policy but Catherine, the store owner didn’t seem to notice and if she did, she hasn’t said anything yet.

The store opened at ten but I usually arrived at seven o make sure that everything was in place. And besides, Gran was a faithful churchgoer, dragging me to the Cross whenever she could. I tried to explain to her that you could be a good person and Christian even if you didn’t attend church regularly. She said that that was a whole load of new age hodgepodge. She left me to be.

I haven’t spoken to Chloe or Aiden in a while but, to be honest, I’d rather not. I still had her to deal with. Maybe Gran’s right. Maybe a little prayer wouldn’t do too much harm.

But who really knows? We’re all just roaming around pretending that we know what we’re doing in this world. Either way, it was time for some damage control. I went down to the piercing clinic after work and got a rook in my right ear. Mum and Gran wouldn’t be too pleased but then again they probably wouldn’t even notice. Thomas and I are getting matching tattoos on Tuesday. I can’t wait!




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