Chloe: The music within a library.

What a brilliant week but it’s coming to an end!!!

It’s almost too awful to contemplate but the tickets are booked and my father’s mind is made up. Back to the homestead for us all.


Beautiful, deep, hilarious Finn has made Germany feel like a romantic French holiday in some romantic French village somewhere. I’ve been so happy and had such an appetite this past week. I’ve been that happy! After Portugal and freaking out about Noah and the assignment from hell which I will complete by myself, with or without his help, I am relieved and relaxed and rejuvenated.

I sent a postcard to my two pen pals from last year whom I had met at the embassy. A chic brother and sister duo. I remember feeling like magnolia against their wonderfully full lives. I was happy they got in touch so quickly. I posted my card on Monday and got a box delivered back to me on Wednesday filled with a Hogwarts t shirt, gummies, chocolates, a TB disk filled with their favourite music and movies and a Jane Austen quote mug. It was amazing and delightful. I was more than a little surprised. I had my cousins and Finn help me choose a few albums to send back and two t shirts. I was too overwhelmed to think straight. The postal service back home is so poopy I couldn’t risk trying to do it from back home. They tried sending two gift boxes home but it didn’t reach me.

Mother dragged me into the bathroom this week for a quick weigh in. Impromptu so as to catch me out. Luckily I’d packed my ankle and wrist weights. So quickly I slipped them on under my jeans and one under my bangles so I could add three kilos. It meant I was only 2kg under weight but I blamed that on being up at the crack of dawn and not stopping until the end of the day. She might not have bought it but who knows. She might have.

Cousin Greta’s birthday party was rather quaint. If that is a good way to put it. It was a normal 16th birthday party. My world and theirs are so far apart. Perhaps it’s because my mother is partially British? I had a 16th birthday bash in a club! Now perhaps I realise more than ever what a waste of money that whole thing was. Her party was perfectly fine. Relaxing. Elias, Finn and I set up a make shift cinema with a large white sheet outside. We grabbed all the bean bags around the house and put out the picnic blankets and watched two of the movies from the TB disk.

I have to smile at this memory forever emblazoned into my brain. I won’t forget how wonderful and simple the evening was and like I’ve said. I’m hungry all the time now. It’s strange because Finn doesn’t stop eating and our heads are never far apart because we are always listening to music on his iPod.

Best Summer ever!!!


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