Day Eight: Just Tattoo of Us

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Dear Vodka

Today is the day! The day that Thomas and I finally got the marks that would intertwine our souls forever. Forever. Okay, that’s a bit too dramatic! But all teenagers are after all. I don’t want to be like all teenagers, however. Vodka, I think I might be bipolar. Yeah. That’s it. Don’t tell my Mum I said that. She’d probably drag me to the shrink to get drugged up on some pills!

 Anyway…Thomas and I arrived at the tattoo parlour around 10. I couldn’t contain my anticipatory joy, as some might say. I was stoked, as I would say! First minute in and I was inwardly screaming for my Gran Lilith. At least Thomas was there to hold my hand, even though he looked pretty pale himself. It was great fun though. One thing more ticked off my wish list. We went for smoothies at Kauai afterwards to cool off. Literally. I looked like a cooked tomato and Thomas looked like, well, Thomas.

We hung out at the beach at Gran’s. She wasn’t home when we arrived. Probably out with Bridget, her bestie. Whenever Gran Lilith and Bridget are together, they’re like two school girls brooding over the latest gossip and guys. All I can ever do is laugh. They remind me of how Emily and I were. It gives me hope that some things last forever. Okay, okay. I’m getting a bit sentimental now but it’s true.

Thomas and I raided Gran’s secret drawer that contained a variety of sweets. She didn’t know that we knew. All of the packets were opened already, so we each took one of each kind. I ditched the jelly beans for another sour worm. Jelly beans are an abomination. Truly. Unless it’s sour jelly beans of course, then I might consider it.

I called Chloe when Thomas left. Her phone went to voicemail but she called me back. She told me that she saw Aiden snogging some redhead at a mall. I wasn’t bothered. Truly. I’d like to be friends with Aiden only, even if there was a speck of connection before. Chloe scoffed when I told her this. It doesn’t matter either way, I have my own issues. Lydia is visiting tomorrow. We’re meeting at the beach down by the coloured sheds. No one ever goes there. It’s my secret hideaway.

My shrink called today. I said I’d come on Thursday. I’ll need the talk after tomorrow. Who knows what will happen?!

Ciao for now. I feel a bit weird. Must be the nerves. Wish me luck!




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