Dear Vodka, One more day to go and I’ll be set free… Well, it will be more like probation because I feel like once I return to school, I’ll be like a prisoner released on good behaviour or house arrest. I just hope that Ms Queen B makes herself scarce. I’m seriously not in the … Continue reading DAY 23: ROOM TO BREATHE


Day 22: Sipping on Rainbows

Dear Vodka I found that my pillow was wet by the time I woke up. I cried last night - in my sleep.  The anti-depressants hit me pretty hard when I take them. What a lot of people don’t know is that anti-depressants eventually take you to an extreme low before they bring you up. … Continue reading Day 22: Sipping on Rainbows

DAY 21: The Monday Blues

Dear Vodka You know that saying that goes something like “don’t count your eggs before they hatch?” Well, I did just that! It’s just one drama after the other! I’m so frustrated… I had a fantastic weekend at Aiden’s and a pleasant lunch at the Reeds. Roman finally decided to work with me and not … Continue reading DAY 21: The Monday Blues

Day 20: Lunch with the reeds

Dear Vodka I fell asleep soundly on Aiden’s bed and woke up with his feet in my face. Yeah. We slept in the same bed!! When I came to my senses, I jumped out of bed, causing Aiden to spring up and grab his lacrosse stick. He looked both startled and dazed. It was hilarious. … Continue reading Day 20: Lunch with the reeds

Day 19: Pandora’s Box Continued…

Dear Vodka !!!!!! Argh! What is life? Aiden wouldn’t speak to me when we got home. He threw his keys on the kitchen counter and shut his bedroom door. I started crying. I felt so overwhelmed! The worst thing was that I didn’t even know what was going on. Why would Theo act out like … Continue reading Day 19: Pandora’s Box Continued…

Day 19: Pandora’s Box

Dear Vodka I swear, Vodka, that whenever things begin to work out, the universe dishes me a serving of some bad karma! Jonah made breakfast for all of us, which was simply cinnamon pancakes and bacon.  I was starving. Despite being awake, I felt like a complete zombie. Aiden picked me up and after noticing … Continue reading Day 19: Pandora’s Box

Day 18: Surf’s up!

  Dear Vodka What a week! A new school, a newfound relationship with Mum, new friends, a new kitten and group therapy! The universe must be thanking me for something I did right! Aiden and I are going surfing straight after school. The weather is amazing and I couldn’t feel any better about myself. Life … Continue reading Day 18: Surf’s up!